The FanMasque Story

This is the Facebook photo that inspired Fan Masque! A friend posted her two children in their team shirts, ready to cheer on the NY Giants one afternoon. Her middle school aged daughter had a spa mud mask on her face, and the caption read: "My kids have their game face on".  I thought, wouldn't it be great if she could treat her skin in the Giant's colors. My daughter happened to be visiting, she is a Uconn graduate and devoted Husky fan who "bleeds blue".  I asked her if she, or any of her friends, ever painted their faces at the Uconn Football games they often attended, tailgating with their friends. Her response was quick and to the point, "No mom, it would make our face break out". I started asking her friends directly about their experiences with the face paints available to them on the market. One told me she once bought eye black from a party store and it left little pimples along the sides of her face, another said it would run in the rain and smear easily. One girl had a green arm three days after her event because the paint she used stained her skin so badly. Ultimately it was not lack of interest or enthusiasm, that kept them from fully engaging in superfan activities, they simply did not have good experiences with the products that were available to them. So I started searching the market for a product that would solve their problems, and I couldn't find one. What I did find was article after article about how toxic traditional face paints are.

Over the next couple of months I made it my mission to develop a product that went beyond not being bad for you, to one that would actually benefit you.  A true win, win.  I made my list of "must haves".  First, every ingredient had to have a benefit to the skin. It had to function in the elements, it needed to stay on and stay where you put it. It needed to be water resistant to not run in the rain, and contain a sunscreen. It had to be all natural and organic, and come in team inspired colors. Colors that worked across professional, collegiate and local grade school levels. It had to wash off easily, and not stain clothes. I've always been a creative person, I teach creative problem solving for a living, I was determined to figure it out. After many long nights, experimental trials and errors, and unwavering determination, FanMasque was born. All my "must haves" were met. Now I am introducing them to you. I couldn't be happier to offer a healthy and superior alternative to the traditional face paints that are on the market for anyone who wants to show their spirit, for any activity or event. 

~Adrienne Austermann